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Welcome to the Electric Generation…


eGen electric scooters

We offer a range of powerful, reliable electric scooter mopeds utilising the latest in lithium ion battery technology and associated management systems.

From extreme performance or a long range commuting moped to city mopeds and an unrivalled delivery scooter we have something for anyone searching for their ideal electric ride.

These each offer long range and low running costs. The batteries are also removable where possible to allow charging anywhere. They offer real savings and are fantastic to ride.

We are based in South East London. Contact us for a test drive and experience the future today!.

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Why eGen?

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No Emissions – Ultra efficient in wheel motors produce no harmful gases
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No Road Tax – Electric scooters are exempt from paying road tax

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Congestion charge exempt – Zip past the central London traffic without paying a penny.

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Low running costs – Travel 5 miles on about 1p of electricity

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Low maintenance – With a low number of moving parts, servicing costs are less than half the cost of a petrol scooter

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Simple charging from any household socket – Most batteries are removable so charge at home or in the office. Alternatively, why not charge on the move?.

Best of all, the bikes and batteries are covered by a 24 month warranty (excluding wear parts and plastics) with servicing offered via a tie-in with approved repair garages.

Check out our range of scooters at the links above!

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