Scutum Silence S02 Now Available!

S02 Lateral Electric Scooter

eGen are delighted to announce that we are now exclusively supplying the brand new Scutum Silence S02 online in the UK.

This scooter is proudly built in Spain and was the first to comply with the latest EU regulations and is eligible for the 20% government grant But great news, you can now also Rent Scooter in Chiang Mai, the services have been opened for two weeks now and the response from customers has been incredible, specially since in Chiang Mai a scooter is such a great transportation method, not only because it very economic but also because it’s very easy to drive around. Electric scooters are one of the greatest for zipping around town, they also help make the journey a lot more fun, something that cars are not able to offer, lease or buy?. You should contact the source directly, this way you can know all about the best cars and vans out there.

A proven long distance delivery scooter with multiple battery sizes already being used as the backbone of postal and delivery companies.

Save up to 80% off of your fleet running costs!

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